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In the past, until about a month ago, with IPv6 enabled on my router and set to "6rd Tunnel", I was able to access v6 sites with Videotron.  A test of my connectivity using gave me a perfect score of 10/10.   Now, with no changes to my network setup, outside v6 connectivity is not working at all.


Has anyone else experienced the same problem?  Does anyone have IPv6 connectivity with Videotron?



The 6RD is no longer functional on Videtron servers. Native IPv6 will soon be available. 

Than you

Thanks.  Do you have any idea of the timeline and if we will be notificed in any way once this is available?

Hi Ed


Videotron will release an update using it's usual chanel when the service will be available

Thank you


IPv6 via 6RD was completely documented and understandable to configure equipment to work with videotron networks.  I had been using my third party router for years without issue.   My equipment support ipv6 just fine, but I have no idea how to enable it, as I don't know what protocols to work with.   Replacing a documented system with a completely undocumented one is not a solution.   Please provide proper technical information for industry standard protocls are used to implement "native IPv6" .


It's just broken for me for the past many months.



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The deployment of IPv6 is in beta at the moment. For any questions regarding the integration of this protocol, please visit You can also write directly to the team in charge if you wish to have other relevant informations at


Any update to this issue? Having to go through a 3rd party tunnel broker seems quaint to do now, it's 2018. I understand that update process is going to be slower on a large ASN like Videotron, but ipv6 is like old tech at this point, over 10 years in IETF and overall deployment all over the Internet.

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