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Helix Remote

Just got Helix yesterday.  It will take a while for me to get used to the new features, and the new remote, but I'm VERY disappointed regarding the features that are NOT on the remote (unless someone can help me out.).  


I can fast forward a recording, but there is no longer a feature that allows me to fast forward 30 seconds at a time.  This was VERY useful when watching recorded network TV shows, as I could skip through the commercials, know that they are usually 2 to 3 minutes long.


This is VERY disappointing.


Super utilisateur
Super utilisateur

Enter the following on the remote.

exit - exit - exit 0 0 3 0


This will make the FF button skip 30 seconds

This didn’t work for me. What screen did you start this from? Because if I do this during my recorded show it just exits me out rather than going forward 30 seconds.

Also not working for me, what screen do you start from
I *had* this configured a year ago, can't remember how I did it ... tonight, randomly reset itself back to 5 minute default and I cannot get it to set back