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Internet speed at 30 MB/s while I'm paying for 400 MB/s

Hi, I want to know why my Internet speed is only 30 MB/s while I'm paying for 400 MB/s. If you have problems in the area I can understand, but you have to tell us that you are working to fix them.                                                 My ad...

Need help finding a device in helix app

My teenager managed to go on my Helix app and modified his devices (phone and laptop) so I can't recognize them and can't pause them anymore. He changed the logo (so it's not a phone logo anymore) and the name of his device to a random number. I have...

helix modem forces wifi setting changes

its the fourth time i have to factory reset my modem because of thisat home i use an hidden ssid setup on the wifi, with no password for convenience and ease of setup when i have visitors. but every so often helix decides to update it itself, with a ...

Resolved! wifi configuration

Hi folks, my wifi gateway page in my browser no longer allows me to manage my wifi configuration. It says" Wi-Fi Mode, Security Mode, Channel Selection, Channel Mode, and Channel Bandwidth are being managed automatically to help optimize your home Wi...

potema by Initiate
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Can I manually change DNS configuration on Helix?

Hi, In an effort to better improve security for my home network, I would like to configure the DNS settings on my router to point at "protected" DNS servers from the Canadian Shield ( Is there a way to do this...

Assigning DNS for Helix

Hello, I am looking to manually configure the DNS settings on my Helix router, but this seems to NOT be an option. This is to improve my home network security to point at Canadian Shield DNS servers. ( )Will Vi...

Helix Fi delivery

Hi,I ordered Helix Fi internet and the technician came and checked the cables on October 26. Today is October 28 and I still didn't receive my Helix Fi Gateway. Support has no idea when it will happen and they said there is some issue in my account. ...

shawt by Initiate
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unable to connect Helix router through DNS server

Before with my old router I had to connect a wireless router and I was able to add an DNS server to stop adult websites which the new Helix system does but I was also able to block dating sites and anything else I specifically wanted to block. Now wi...

edillons by Initiate
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Not getting the upload speed I’m supposed to have

I have the helix 400mbps download and 50mbps upload speed I recently connected my modem directly to my PS5 with Ethernet cable and for some reason I’m getting my download speeds but my uplod speeds fluctuate from 10 to 15 to 20 to 25. I used to be ab...

saverio9 by Initiate
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Only IPv6 is working

I've tried power cycling and a factory reset my Helix modem to no avail. Only IPv6 supported websites are currently working for me such as some Google, Microsoft & Meta associated websites, some of Videotron's (such as the forum) and miscellaneous we...