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Videotron’s new Zen plans






Want to use more data when you need it? No worries, stay Zen.


Canada’s telecom marketplace is booming and the big carriers are all vying to meet spiralling consumer demand for data. Some carriers are offering unlimited plans but then throttle your bandwidth if you hit a monthly data cap. Others have overage blocks that keep you from going over your limit and ending up with hefty bills at the end of the month by cutting off your data when you reach your cap. If you’re a datavore or suffer from nomophobia (fear of having no mobile service), there’s a better solution. Now you can go anywhere in Canada, Instagram to your heart’s content, and not worry about your data usage.


After taking a long hard look at its customers’ wants and needs, Videotron has come out with new plans that take the data revolution to the next level. Things are changing, but for the better. The fear of phone bill price shock that has been cramping your Instagram style or forcing you to forsake the Stingray playlist that livens your bus ride is a thing of the past. With Zen plans, you don’t have to worry about your data cap or your wallet. Use as much data as you want and still stay Zen.


Zen gives you 100 Gb of Canada-wide data per year and you can dip into it whenever you need it, up to a max of 20 Gb per month. You decide! So if the number of gigs included in your monthly plan isn’t enough and you keep blowing through your data in 3 weeks, this new alternative will let you stay connected at full speed until the end of your billing cycle. No more data add-ons, no more “OK, I’ll pay for another gig but it’s the last time” (it’s never the last time), no more exorbitant invoices because you forgot to call customer service to add more data.


Videotron’s Zen plans give you flexible, always-fast data at the best price. Never again will you be downgraded to slow Internet because you’ve used more data than your carrier thinks you should, or worse still lose Internet access entirely to keep from going over.


Zen plans are available to new Residential customers and also to existing Residential customers who want to take advantage of flexible, when-and-where-you-want-it data. You can keep all your favourite options, such as Club illico mobile and exclusive Stingray channels. Zen plans are available with a 24-month commitment or with no commitment if you bring your own device.