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Unlimited Music: what about the 8 GB recently added to your data plan?

Responsable éditoriale

Some customers have asked why 8 GB has been added to their data plan. What’s that about? Is it related to the cancellation of Unlimited Music? Why 8 GB? Here’s the answer.

An 8 GB block of data has been temporarily added to some customers affected by the cancellation of the Unlimited Music service in order to smooth the transition to the post-Unlimited Music world. This is an interim measure.

As was explained in the letter sent to the affected customers, we will make up for the cancellation of Unlimited Music by giving them a free data add-on based on their use of Unlimited Music over the past 12 months.
The extra data will be added in a few months. Until then, you will have a larger data add-on than promised. You will be switched to your permanent data allowance on a billing date to avoid any unpleasant mid-month surprises.

If you have any other questions, ask us on the Community and we’ll get back to you.