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Unlimited Music: some news on your account

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After we were forced to cancel the Unlimited Music service in May because of a CRTC decision, we temporarily gave customers free data add-ons to make up for it.


So some customers affected by the cancellation of Unlimited Music received an extra 8 GB block of data.


As we indicated in previous posts as well as in the explanatory letter you received during the summer, this was a temporary measure designed to ease customers through the transition period.


The temporary 8 GB add-on will be gradually replaced by a block of data based on your peak usage of Unlimited Music during the 12 months preceding the cancellation of the service on May 10, 2017.


The updates are being rolled out starting today. You can track your data usage at the Customer Centre or with the User Centre + app.


If you have any other questions, ask the Community. They’re sure to come up with an answer!


Don’t have a Customer Centre account yet? Set it up and take advantage of features like usage tracking and many other options.