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Tips to enhance your teleworking experience




By Catherine Mayer


During this isolation period, the majority of employees who can still enjoy working are doing it from home – this is our case in the Videotron Web department. Some of us are available part time due to our family responsibilities, while others are giving more than they’ve got. What about you, are you teleworking at the moment?


If so, do you have a place dedicated to your activites? Maybe you are sitting at the table way more than you’d like to… And what about keeping in touch with your different work partners?


We gathered here a few tips to help you get the most out of this situation. 



  • Introduce a virtual coffee breaks to enable discussions on a daily basis. Also, start your chat sessions by inquiring about how the other person is doing, and activate your video camera at the beginning of meetings better connect with your peers.


Being able to socialize is part of the quality of your experience, too of course. For some of us more isolated than others, the lack of human contact can sometimes be hard to bare – alright, we are all missing our work buddies actually.


Now, do you have any best practices to share? Don’t be shy, we are listening, and this community can only benefit from it.


Here’s a bunch of tips from our technicians to create a better work environment at home.


  • To make a conference call from a landline, call the first participant then put him/her on hold while you dial *71 and call another person. Repeat this procedure to connect all the participants.

    How to make a conference call

    To learn to make a conference call using your mobile, see our demos.



  • If you need to call someone with whom you do not want to share your personal number, a client or a business partner for instance, dial *67 before dialing. Your number will then be hidden.

    How to hide your phone number


    To learn to do so on your mobile as well, see our demos