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Passwords and account management: your Pro gives you tips!

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Passwords, usernames, addresses, accounts, how do you manage it all?


By Alexandre Cloutier-Gervais, your Pro. 


According to the experts, you should avoid using the same password in several places on the Web. The reason being that, if your password is discovered, it will give access to several different places, maybe even to all of your online accounts. So it’s important to follow this essential principle in your digital world.


Furthermore, the use of letters and numbers, without using words that you can find in a dictionary, offers more security. For example, “mvtm2gt” is a much stronger password than “Videotron2017”.


Another suggestion: When you create a new online account, no matter where, make sure that you enter your personal information (telephone number, first name, last name, birthdate, etc.) By doing this, you’ll ensure that you can recover your access in case you forget your username or password.


Remember that no legitimate company will ever ask you for your username or password over the telephone or by email. Share this information only with people that you trust.


I would encourage you also to put in place a system that will allow you to easily recall your passwords.

Videotron gives you a booklet when you subscribe, where you’ll find a space for your passwords, including those for your Customer Centre account, your  Videotron email and the PIN for your voicemail.


You can write and centralize a lot of information in this booklet.

But make sure to put it somewhere safe in your home. If you don’t have this booklet, you can come see us in store, a salesperson will offer you another one!


And finally, it can be useful to bring your usernames and passwords into a store if you have any questions about Videotron products or services, or if you want to make any changes to those you already have.


Apple ID / Google Account


Have you purchased a new mobile phone from Videotron? Congrats! And welcome to the club!


Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your phone, wether it is an Android or an iOs device.


Setting an account up on your mobile device will allow you to:

  • install apps,
  • make updates (very important!)
  • and even use advanced features like locating, locking, or erasing a lost mobile phone.


Start off on the right foot with your mobile phone, ensuring its security and seeing that it reaches its full potential with the help of our advice. Let’s go!


Android platform:

This platform was created by Google, so it is strongly recommended to create a Google account directly through your mobile device. Note that if you already have a Gmail address (ending in, you should use this account rather than creating a new one).


To create an account (or use an existing one), click on the Gmail icon that you’ll find, most of the time, in a folder named “Google” on the welcome page of your mobile device. Then follow the instructions to connect to your existing account or to create a new one.


For Apple users, here’s how:

Touch the Settings icon, then choose iCloud. Once again, if you have other products within the Apple family, it’s possible that you already have an existing account. If so, enter the appropriate section, and if not, press “Create an Apple identity”. Follow the instructions on the screen.


And that’s everything! Bravo 🙂