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Keeping busy to keep seeing the bright side





The COVID-19 pandemic that’s keeping use home is no reason to go around in circles. You need to know how to keep busy by finding new ways to keep yourself in shape and entertain yourself and your family. Here are some suggestions of things you can easily do at home.


  • Stay active by searching YouTube for a variety of exercises and stretching programs, yoga sessions or any other exercise that interests you. This will allow you to enjoy a variety of physical activities that might lead you to discover muscles you didn’t know you had!
  • Stay in touch with your loved ones by using one of the many free video conferencing apps. It’s always good to see our loved ones’ smiling faces as we chat to get news and make sure they’re doing well.
  • Organize an online game night with your friends and family so you can all have fun together while you're apart. You can choose from chess, board games and online video games. The App Store on your smartphone or tablet is full of all kinds of games and will lead to some hidden gems.
  • Stay entertained by discovering new TV channels that are currently on free preview . You can also spoil yourself by changing the channels in your TV plan. This easy change takes place entirely on your television with illico and Helix, follow this guide.
  • Keep getting regional, national and global news and updates on the COVID-19 pandemic with all news channels unlocked during this period and with your favorite digital newspaper.


Nothing is better than a calm mind in a body at ease to get through this isolation period with positivity! Vary your activities and continue to act responsibly by staying home!

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