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Here’s what people were talking about on the Forum this month

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  1. SIM cards

If you’re a new customer or just got a new phone, you have to activate the SIM card to connect to the mobile network.


Whether you’re changing your phone number or keeping your old one, you can follow these simple instructions to activate your SIM card on your own.


  1. Countries covered by the Daily Traveller Pass

It’s vacation time! Videotron’s practical Daily Traveller Pass lets you use your mobile plan abroad for a few days, just like home.


It works in more than 100 countries:


Before activating the Daily Traveller Pass, check out the very comprehensive FAQ:


  1. Troubleshooting your TV

What to do if there’s a sound or picture problem with your TV set, or if you see an error message?


Dealing with minor problems like that is easy. Find the solution in our toolkit:


Or here:


But bear in mind that the best and simplest solution when your TV set seems to have a mind of its own is often just unplugging it and plugging it in again!


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