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Here’s what people were talking about on the Forum this month

Rédacteur Web



  1. Remote

The remote control was front and centre this month: how to program it, how to use it to resolve a sound or picture problem on your TV set, how to make the most of all its features.

See this mini article by your Community facilitator to find out how to take advantage of your remote’s capabilities: Are you using the full power of your remote?


For more info about the remote, check out the interactive demos, programming instructions and troubleshooting guide in the Support section of our website.


  1. User Centre+ app

With the User Centre+ app, you can manage your account with your fingertips, directly from your mobile.

Monitor your data usage, manage mobile data add-ons, download your bill, activate the daily traveller pass, and more. It’s the practical way to manage your account on the go.


Everything you need to know about the User Centre+ app – how to install it, sign in, and use it to its full potential: User Centre+ Support


  1. The ins and outs of Wi-Fi

Members often ask questions about their Internet connection, Wi-Fi setup and devices such as their router or modem on the Forum.


Did you know we have a special Support page dedicated to those issues? See the short, simple and clear videos in the Wi-Fi section of our Support site.



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