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What phone should I get?


What phone should I get?

Hey guys! 


I'm finally done with my contract on my old Iphone. I'm looking for advice on the next phone I should get. 


I'm really not sure I want to continue with an Iphone. People are telling me there's really good Android phones now. 


Which one should I get? Samsung, LG, or something else?

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Re: What phone should I get?

Hi Yukito,


There are lots of awesome phones on the market right now. To further assist you, I think it would be a good idea to get a little bit more info on what tasks you accomplish daily on your phone right now (without going in the specifics) and also about new things you would like to do with your new phone.


That way, users will be able to chime in and suggest what they think would be best for you Smiley Happy


Re: What phone should I get?

I'd tend to look at the choice of phone, as more like a choice of ecosystem/religion.


If you actively use iTunes, have an AppleTV, a Macbook, an Airport for airplay speakers, even use some of the iCloud services; then I guess the answer is quite clear; you're best served with an iPhone.


If you're more 'alternative'; you're into Spotify, have a Chromecast, avid PC user, got your gmail and use everything related to it, then the answer is quite clear; Android-based phone.


So which force drives you? Smiley Wink


Re: What phone should I get?

iPhone for ever Heart

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Re: What phone should I get?

Hi Yukito!


It really depends on your needs. We offer many devices with different specs. You can take a look at them here:


If you would like to handle them, you can go to a Videotron store. We will be glad to assist you and to make your choice easier.


Have a nice day! Smiley Happy

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Re: What phone should I get?

Hi Yukito,


If your cell phone is working just fine, maybe you can wait for september. As soon as Apple launch their new iPhone, the olders one will be a lot cheaper.  

Thanks Smiley Happy !

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