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Videotron mobility has some good views!


Videotron mobility has some good views!

Hey there ,

I read reviews from between 2 to 4 years old and people only have negative things to say.

Such as: horrible coverage outside Ottawa, liars, horrible customer service and frequent surprise charges.

Now, we've had a switch for half the family but they messed up porting the numbers so none of their phones work as of yet. The customer service (which is apparently useless) told us that the lines would be up and running by this morning (yet another lie).

So I'd like to receive your experiences with this mobile device carrier.


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Re: Videotron mobility has some good views!

I've generally had great experience with Videotron. 

I ported like 6 like into my account so far... I had problem with only one of them... but this was quickly resolved by someone more knowledgeable (higher end support) that manually sent commands to the server to fix the problem. 

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Re: Videotron mobility has some good views!

Hello techy99,


We would like to verify this situation with you, as the transferred should be completed. 


We invite you to contact us in private message, with the informations to reach you.


Thank you!



Re: Videotron mobility has some good views!

I've been with Videotron for about ... 20 years now.


The customer service is top notch and I've rarely had issues with mobile or internet.  There was a period where we experienced internet outages, but I think that was due to construction in my area and things are very stable now.


My only real issue with Videotron is the lack of access to some television channel streaming apps - like CTV Go.  I have the feeling that anglophone customers are not their prime concern when negotiating contracts with television providers...

But hey, it's Quebec.

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