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WIFI on EMG2926


WIFI on EMG2926



up until 3 months ago, wifi (2G and 5G) worked great !!!

EMG2926 wired in basement to 2 pcs and Xbox adn smart tv on main floor

2G repeaters and 2nd router as an extender made the whole house an awesome wifi zone...




2G constantly drops and all wifi devices (cells, ipads) have a long time in connecting and will drop the 2G signal frequently

but the wired connections are still great


I have redone all the settings, reset the EMG router and even factory reset the EMG but STILL wifi signals are garbage




please and thanks

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Re: WIFI on EMG2926


could it be that you have neighbours that have too strong signal, they bypass yours?

Else, your routeur should be checked by a support technician.

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Re: WIFI on EMG2926

This is going to be a bit of a long shot.


If we're talking about an xbox onethat you say is wired to the router.

- What is it's power setting? (


Asking 'cause the console when set to "instant" on can crash the zyxel routeur (amongst other routers). Putting it in "energy saving" usually fixes this.

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